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Everyone deserves the opportunity to play! Buy One, and Give One to a local Philadelphia family impacted by the Covid crisis. Your Adventure Box twin will be learning, growing, and exploring right alongside you…and you will get free shipping as an added bonus!

Age Range: 3-12.

June Focus: Carrots and Cucumbers, and Beetles and Bees.

July Focus: Dill and Tomatoes, and Fireflies and Earthworms.

August Focus: Mushrooms and Peas, and Butterflies and Ants.

Contents: 30 daily activities from planting seeds, to cooking, to arts and crafts, to journalling.

June has 2 adventure tools (bug box and bug scooper) and 2 art materials (watercolor paint and googly eyes). July has 2 adventure tools (pocket microscope and compass) and 2 art materials (crayons and markers). August has 2 adventure tools (critter crate and magnifying glass) and 2 art materials (paint and googly eyes). All boxes have discovery journal, living plant, seed pack, soil, 30 sticker badges, activity calendar, and activity card pack.

This product is available for pick-up at our Farm in Kensington.

If you are interested in having this product shipped to you, please visit:
Studio Ludo 

For those outside of PA, the live plant and soil are swapped for an additional seed pack and peat puck.

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